Stamford Transition Town

Sustainable Stamford – Think Globally, Act Locally


Sustainable Stamford (Stamford Transition Town) is a group of local residents who get together to see what difference we can make on matters that concern us. In particular, resources being wasted and the environment being damaged.

Our main concerns are energy: overconsumption, especially of fossil fuels, is a real threat to all our futures, and not only  because of climate change; things that lead to overconsumption of fossil fuels –  energy-inefficient buildings,  bad transport choices, and a thoughtless,  over-consumerist culture.

As individuals, we each do what we can in our own lives and Stamford Transition Town supports us in learning more about different issues.  As a group, we can attempt to spread that learning, and to kick-off some projects that help others to act as well.

We meet regularly: first Thursday of the month at 7.30 p.m. in Stamford Arts Centre – in the Cellar Bar usually, but sometimes in a bigger room if we have a visiting speaker or need space for a demonstration.   You can join our mailing list to be reminded of the forthcoming meetings, and we usually include a list of relevant local events arranged by other organisations.

Contact us by e-mailing – or find and message us on Facebook. We use Twitter as well: @StamfordTT.

Or just come along to one of our monthly meetings at Stamford Arts Centre.

More information on the Transition Town Network can be found here.

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