Stamford Transition Town

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Energy Efficiency

In March 2016 we held our first Bright Green Energy Show. We are optimistic and hopeful about the energy future. Saving energy brings benefits all round. It’s good for the economy, makes our homes and environment healthier, and saves us money. We want to help local people make their homes more energy efficient and the advice given here is equally applicable to other smaller buildings. The show combines an exhibition on energy saving measures together with a range of exhibitors drawn from local businesses covering the products and technologies involved. More information can be found here.

Draught Busters

We now have Lottery funding for an energy-saving-in-action project in conjunction with the Evergreen Care Trust. The project will help vulnerable and elderly people in Stamford and the surrounding villages to eliminate draughts (which account for about 20% of the heat lost from our homes), and also to carry out energy audits for their homes to determine the best way to improve levels of comfort and energy saving.

This service is run by volunteers and if free of charge. If you would like to learn more, or you know of an elderly or vulnerable local resident living in a draughty, cold house and who would benefit from this service, please contact John Yard on 01780 763967 or


We have recently re-activated the transport group, meeting every month or so, to address some of the pressing issues facing Stamford residents when it comes to both public and private transport. Get in touch if you are interested in getting involved or just seeing what we are up to.

Stamford Community Energy

We have now formed a Community Benefit Society (CBS) to develop community owned renewable energy generation projects in Stamford and the surrounding area. We are currently planning our first two solar PV projects with New College Stamford and Malcolm Sargent Primary School.

Funds for the projects will be raised by community share issue offering a dividend to the members. Our Community Benefit Society is run by a board of directors comprising local residents. We are actively seeking a volunteer to act as our company secretary, to help with administration, so if you are interested, please get in touch.

Projects will also generate a community fund, to be spent locally on green, sustainable projects, nominated by members of the community.

We are seeking host organisations and land owners (schools, community buildings, local  businesses, farmers etc) who wish to benefit from low cost green energy and/or who could provide a building or land.

We will soon be launching our community share issue so if you are interested in being an investor or a host, please contact John Yard on 01780 763967  or